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MoreMate helps you feel like you belong to the world around you
Connect and share moments with people in your area.

Moment Feed

Share your moment and discover what’s happening around you. #righthere #rightnow

Express yourself on the moment feed with text, photo and soon video! The moment feed follows you whereever you go. See what people are sharing right now on your moment feed when you are in your neighborhood, university, at a sports game, concert, or around your office. Wherever you are, whereever you go, connect with the social community around you.


See and connect with people around you


Who in your neighborhood plays basketball too? Any french speaker on campus now? Fellow computer engineers nearby work? Filter the people around you.


Chat with people you have connected with through “Discover.” Get creative by sending GIF animations and photos!


Only interested in seeing your friends’ moments or coolest moment feeds around you? Follow them!


Don’t feel comfortable displaying your location or people messaging you? Set privacy settings to be in control.


Traveling to a new city and wanna see what’s happening there? Search a new location anywhere and see the Moment feed there!

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